Post Cycle Therapy

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Post cycle therapy (PCT) is a special way of using drugs which help to restore and stabilise hormones in the body once a suppressive anabolic steroid cycle has been interrupted.

After taking steroids, it is necessary to return the hormones to normal because the effect on general health can be extremely negative. Our natural hormone balance is changing during some of the steroid cycles. Most anabolics suppress the production of testosterone, and if you aren’t careful your progesterone or estrogen levels can increase over an optimal healthy range. Progesterone and Estrogen control during the steroid cycle can be successful with adequate supplementation. If you want to help your organism maintain muscle mass and size, you should quickly restore the production of testosterone. Many “experts” will advise you on various strategies to do this:Use HCG, do not use HCG, just use Clomid, never take Clomid, just take Nolvadex or use an aromatase inhibitor.

What solution is truly best? It is necessary to understand all the processes that occur in your body during and after the steroid cycle because the choice of the best post cycle therapy can be very complicated.

post cycle therapy

What is SERMs Post Cycle Therapy?

The role of a SERM is that it realizes mixed Estrogen antagonist and Estrogen agonist effects on the organism. The SERM category contains the following drug types: Clomiphene Citrate – Clomid, Tamoxifen Citrate – Nolvadex,Toremifene Citrate – Fareston, and Raloxifene. SERM can cause blockage the effect of Estrogen in some tissues,it can improve the effects of Estrogenic in other parts of the organism. All types of SERM work as an Estrogen antagonist, acting to alleviate the effects of Estrogen on breast tissue in men (reduction gynecomastia – man boobs). They also serve to work as an Estrogen antagonist at the pituitary gland, and so stimulate the release of Luteinizing hormone and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone. However, increased Estrogen levels in the male can suppress the creation of endogenous Testosterone, causing to hypogonadism. In this case, Post Cycle Therapy protocol plays a very important role and should not be excluded under any circumstances.

In this post, the roles of HCG and Natural Additions during this period important.

Option 1: HCG

hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is an incredibly potent peptide hormone. It can be used for the Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator therapy to come due to its luteinizing hormone effect. However, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin abuse can be extremely harmful to your Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis if you use for the too long period. Another similar solution can be HGH – Human Growth Hormone that can protect your muscle gains made while on bulking cycle. It also can limit your body fat gain that can often occur after the steroid cycle. Human Growth Hormone is something that should be taken for long period of time,and there is no need to add it into a Post Cycle Therapy plan that will only last a few weeks.

The duration of PCT depends exclusively on the ester duration of the steroid you were taken. If the steroid had a relatively short half-life,you should just wait 3-4 days. Conversely, if the steroid had a slightly longer half-life, you should wait at least 10 days before the start of post cycle therapy.

Option 2: Natural Additions

Aside from the most frequently used compounds: Aromatase Inhibitors, SERMs, Human Growth Hormone, and hCG– some individuals include completely natural products during the Post Cycle Therapy to provide maintenance of muscle mass. It’s important that you know that Post Cycle Therapy is not the end-all. And after that, you will need to work out intensive to maintain your muscle gains. There are some supplements that can help you:

DHEA -dehydroepiandrosterone: Many people use DHEA which is a perfect means for keeping muscle mass as it may help increase your testosterone levels shortly after the steroid cycle. DHEA supplements help to increase serum testosterone hormone levels through the conversion process. It also can encourage protein synthesis. DHEA plays an important role in cortisol suppression.

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L-Arginine: It is an essential amino acid. L-Arginine is the basis for some important amino acids in the organism. This supplement can help you maintain your muscle gains.

Glutamine: It is the most prominent amino acid found in the muscle tissue – over 60% of skeletal muscle is Glutamine, so it should not be surprising that many people add this supplement to their Post Cycle Therapy.

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